Youth Athletic Scholarship Program Application 

Through donations, The Table Community Foundation provides partial registration fee scholarships (up to 50% of registration fee) to children who, without this financial assistance, would not be able to participate in youth recreational athletic leagues sponsored by the Table Community Foundation. This scholarship program focuses on providing opportunities for youth to participate in recreational level team sports because of the physical, mental, and character building benefits these programs provide.

 Scholarships are limited to three awards per family or members of the same address, per year, provided that funds are available. Not all scholarship applications will be funded.   Incomplete applications will be rejected.  Misleading application information, or expulsion from a program, will result in placement on scholarship probation for a period of one year following the end date of that particular program.

All scholarships will be awarded based on demonstrated need, available funding, and meeting deadline/application requirements.

Eligibility Requirements

*   Be enrolled in school and between the age of 5-14 years old

*   Have a Parent or Legal Guardian complete all require paperwork

*   Include with the application a minimum of 100-word essay from the child describing why they feel they should receive the scholarship, or what benefits they feel they would receive from the award (1st – 3rd grade parents may complete essay with the assistance of the child)

*   Parent/Guardian must commit to volunteer hours of community service prior to the end of the season that the scholarship was awarded (volunteer hours will be based upon individual scholarship awards)