Flag Football Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my child play TCF NFL Flag Football? 

With the many concerns of concussions and head injuries in tackle football TCF NFL Flag Football gives your child a safer way to play football. It will help teach him or her, the fundamentals of the game. Learning to play the game the right way will help your child prevent injuries in the future when they decide to play contact football.

When/where will practices be held? 

Practices will be held at a local city park within your neighborhood (if possible) to make it convenient for parents and coaches. Typically, practices are held once a week for an hour and it is up to each individual coach to determine when and where practices will be held. Coaches are encouraged to work with players schedules since many players participate in multiple sports. 

Teams may practice in their own neighborhoods and travel to game locations on Saturday. Example: Team A holds practice in Elk Grove during the week. Team B will hold their practice in Rancho Cordova during the week. Team A and B will play against each other in Natomas on Saturday.

How long is each season? 

Each season is 5-7 weeks long, including playoffs and an All-star/Section Championship. Top 4 teams make the playoffs! 

How long are the games?

Games are 40 minutes long with two 20 minute halves and a running clock.

When/Where will the games be played?       

Games are played every Saturday, with the younger kids playing the early morning games and older kids to follow. Games start at 8am. Each team plays twice. It’s a 10 game season with a minimum of 8 games (rain or cancellations).

Specific locations will be announced when the season begins in Stockton and Sacramento, California.

What are the divisions? 

5-7 year old’s 

8-10 year old’s

11-14 year old’s 

Can my child request teammates? 

Players can be requested but it is not a guarantee. If you list the child’s name you would like to play with we will do our best to place them on the same team. Teams consist of 10 players, with a 5 player min to play games.

How much does it cost? 


I’m interested in coaching who should I contact? 


Are teams required a team sponsorship? 

No. Any sponsor of teams or players is greatly appreciated as it allows us to ensure no kid is turned away for financial disabilities but it is not required.

Can I request a refund? 

You may request a full refund prior to two weeks before the start of the season but it is not guaranteed. A full refund will only be guaranteed if TCF cancels the season for lack of registration.

Where can I get a current copy of the rule book? 

Click here to download your current copy of the rule book in PDF format.

How much will my child play? 

All participants are required to play. Playing time will be addressed by coaches and monitored by the league.

If you have a question please email us at Flag@thetablecf.org or call 209-951-1753

Please refer to this page for the most up-to-date FAQ’s.